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  • Part Number: CR1018SV
  • Brand: King
  • Type: Connecting Rod Bearings
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Good quality! Super fast delivery. Thank you a lot :)
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Asvela is happy to coordinate the shipping of our products around the world. All the products is ready for immediate dispatch with:

  • Economy post shipping takes up from 6 to 12 days to deliver in Europe and 12-31 days to America or Australia;
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Returns Policy

Buyers of our store have the right to exchange or return the goods purchased from us within the first 60 days after purchase.

Please note - exchange or refund is only due to a new product that has not been in use and has no signs of use: scratches, chips, rubs, etc.

And also should be saved:

  • Complete set of goods;
  • Integrity and all components of packaging;
  • Factory marking.



These warranties apply to King bearings sold directly to authorized King distributors worldwide. All claims will be submitted through King authorized distributors.

All new King products are warranted to be free from defects for a period of one (1) year from the date of Activation and no longer than 2 years from the purchase date. Warranty applies for only for products which were activated in i-King system.

Warranty is referring to King's products listed in King online catalog and only for King branded products in King boxes.

Purchaser agrees that it's sole and exclusive claims against King Engine Bearings shall be limited to the claims set forth in the section “Warranty Limitations”.

King will not be liable for any damage, resulting from delay in delivery or installation of the products or any failure to preform as a result of circumstances behind its control.

Maximum liability for damages or injuries of any kind in property or persons, is limited to an amount of the purchased product, unless decided otherwise by King following King claim analysis.


King will replace only products which were activated in the i-King system and found to be defective within one year from the date of activation and no longer than two years from purchase date.

King will not be responsible for any additional repair costs, parts or labor unless decided otherwise by King following King claim analysis. All payments made for warranties accepted under this warranty policy shall be in the form of a

King will not be responsible for damages to the vehicle's engine or its parts resulting from failure to properly maintain or repair the vehicle or the use of the parts in no-standard, off-road applications. The vehicles must be kept in good maintenance and repair and King will not be liable for any risk resulting from utilizing the vehicle in off-road or performance applications.

King is not responsible for failures resulting from improper installation or repair procedures, alteration or the misapplication of parts, or use in engines modified for racing, or use in levels of performance beyond the engine manufacturers original recommendations.

King shall have the authority to modify the terms expressed herein.


Purchaser is responsible for proper operation and maintenance of the engine according to the engine manufacturers' specifications.

Purchaser is obligated to provide King with a relevant evidence of compliance with the engine manufacturers' specifications.

Purchaser must notify King company or King authorized distributor of the claim within 30 days of any failure suspected to be warrantable.

Purchaser is responsible for the cost of all repairs which are not reimbursable under this warranty.


Purchaser must examine the parts immediately on receipt and notify King or King authorized distributors immediately, without any delay, in writing, of any defects. Hidden defects must be notified in writing immediately upon discovery. In the case of complains about defects, the parts subject of such complaints must not be used until the matter is examined by King and matter clarified. King shall be given the opportunity to examine any notified defects. Moreover, the alleged defected parts shall be sent to King to its examination immediately on King's request. In the case of material defects (as described below) King shall, at its discretion, either remedy the defect or provide alternative parts that are free from defects provided that the material defect was existent at the time of the passage of risk. Material defects – (above, here and after) King’s warranty is to the sole purpose of the functionality of the products only. No remedies are for cosmetics, esthetics, appearance, coloration or any other attributes that doesn’t damage the functionality of the item within the engine / sole purpose of the item as per King’s catalogue. In the event of engine malfunction caused by parts with hidden defects King's liability is limited to the cost of the items to King’s direct client unless decided otherwise by King. Any claims under a statutory right of recourse pursuant to liability for Defective Products Acts ( in the manufacturer origin shall apply even if the purchaser conclude agreements with its customers exceeding the statutory warranty claims. Above and beyond this, purchaser's claims under the right of recourse shall not exceed the amount of the purchase price.

Warranty claims shall not arise if the defect complained about is attributable to non-compliance with operating, maintenance and/or installation instructions, unsuitable or improper use, faulty or negligent treatments, natural wear, and interference with the goods by purchaser, manufacturer or third parties.


Standard safety procedures and precautions taking (including use of safety goggles and proper tools and equipment) should be followed at all times to eliminate the possibility of personal injury or improper service which could damage the vehicle or compromise its safety. Improper installation of the parts will affect your vehicle's manufacturer warranty coverage. Catalog issues

All information and data provided in King’s catalogue have been obtained from reliable sources. In the event that any of this information is incorrect, King can assume no responsibility. King will not be liable for any damage allegedly caused by the information contained in this catalogue.

Any individual reference made in King’s catalogue for the installation and the application of the bearings are instructions intended solely for the use of technically qualified specialist. Furthermore, the instructions must to be examined and verified by the specialized technicians as to their applications in each case. KING accepts no responsibility for any improper application decisions.

Part numbers, vehicle model and engine details may change from time to time and although the information contained in the catalogue is, to the best of King's knowledge, accurate at the time of its publication, King does not accept responsibility for any inaccuracies and subsequent changes to the information provided in the catalogue. therefore;

King’s warranty covers only use of items to specific applications as published in King’s WEB catalogue.

King has the right to alter , modify, change or update the use for each item for specific application.

King has the right to change details or specifications to any item in the catalogue, taking measures to ensure that the new specs are in coherence to the intended use of the item.

King's clients are responsible to be updated and immediately stop using any item as per king WEB or specific notice.

Interchange lists
Any names, serial numbers, description of vehicles and manufacturers have been included solely for the purpose of reference and comparison. No parts of King's catalogues or this publication may be copied or reproduced without King’s consent. King reserves its right to alternate any information in the catalogues.

It is King’s solely prerogative to announce a Recall announcement. Recall announcement for products will be published by King as a bulletin in King’s website. It is the buyer responsibility to follow up and verify for announcements made.

Period of limitation for warranty claims shall be constricted for Products sold or installed up to two (2) business days post date of recall announcement.

King will replace or reimburse for any item that a recall bulletin was issued for against retrieval of the recalled items to any of king official warehouses. Reimbursing will be at the max cost of the item recalled.


The following procedure must be followed to obtain complete evaluation of a warranty claim.

All the claims must be processed through King authorized distributors with 30 days of the failure date. In case of no authorized distributors contact King headquarter at:

All engine's rotating assembly parts must be pictured and sent to King authorized distributor

Receipt of part must be attached to the claim papers

Submission of completely filled document "Technical inquiry form"

Parts returned for warranty analysis must be carefully packed and protected from shipping damage.

King will make every effort possible to give each and every warranty claim prompt, fair and equitable consideration. Response time will vary depending on the complexity of the claim and analysis

Following King analysis of the parts and submitted information, King will make final determination of the cause of failure. King will report of its conclusions to the Distributor through whom the claim was processed.

Distributor will notify the purchaser of the analysis results and will provide the new parts if concluded so.